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saturday funnies

I had this whole post already written and then I accidentally closed the tab… it had saved FOUR words… *cry*


Life’s been tough – we send off our expensive visa renewals at the end of the month and everything about the process is a stress fest. Plus we’ve all caught “that cold that’s going around”. And Andrew bunged up his back. Plus doctors, dentists and opticians (I’m getting awesome new glasses!!)

I love the Glasses Direct home trial - I got to field-test 4 pairs with 0 pressure.
I love the Glasses Direct home trial – I got to field-test 4 pairs with 0 pressure.

After all that, it wasn’t too surprising that I had barely stepped foot in my office. So when I got the chance to spend a full work day in here, I took full advantage. I cleaned up, put the filing box away, used Illustrator to turn a watercolour logo sketch into a real vector logo (I’ve never done such a thing in Illustrator – it was a learning experience).


Then I tried a bunch of cross-stitch designers before settling on Easy Cross to make this:


I’m going to stitch it up tomorrow so that I can put it in the shop as a PDF (unless you live in the EU, in which case you’ll have to buy a paper copy thanks to the new VAT rules – but I will send you a PDF for free with purchase if you request it).

That sweet pattern was inspired by Archer, specifically this scene:


I’ve been on a bit of a gif collecting thing lately, because I discovered I can send them to Andrew in Hangouts (which we use for text messaging).

Because why type when an awesome gif can say it for you?

via giphy

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