Tutorial Tuesday

Tutorial Tuesday – How to Talk About Your Privilege

Tutorial Tuesday

Okay, so today’s tutorial has a) nothing to do with crafts and b) isn’t a tutorial so much as a guide.

As the parents of two able-bodied, mostly neurotypical, cis, middle-class white kids, my husband and I have a responsibility to teach them about their privilege. The trouble being that we have no frame of reference, as we were both raised “colour-blind” and went to mostly-white schools full of middle class kids just like us in the super conservative province of Alberta. The concept of privilege wasn’t one I gave much thought to until I was in my late teens/early 20s and I was living in liberal and diverse Vancouver, BC. New friends called me out on the ignorant things I said, jokes I made, and things I did.

In order to do better, we must know better – and to that end, today I recommend: How to Talk About Your Privilege over at The Body is Not an Apology. 


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