Afternoon Gratitude


Happy Pancake Tuesday!  I hope it’s treating you well.

Today I am grateful for:

1. Pancakes, of course. Made with ripe bananas and fried in the tiniest bit of butter.


2. The health of my family and friends.


3. Speaking of friends, I am grateful for half-term, because it means that the neighbourhood kids are around and over at ours. I love watching my kids play with their friends.

4. A good night’s sleep. Last night wasn’t perfect. I had some take-out related heartburn that had me up once or twice, but when I did sleep, I slept well!

5. Andrew, who I love so much even when he orders take-out instead of running to the shop for cheese (his reasoning for take out was that there wasn’t enough cheese for cheese toasties and soup.)

6. Borrowed babies. My neighbour lets me borrow her little one every week for a couple of hours. I enjoy it so much!!


7. Slippers.

8. My bed.

9. Sunshine.


10. Feminism.


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