Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Weekly UpdateThis weekly post is mainly for our family and friends back in Canada and around the world who are curious what we’re up to at the moment. I have been sending out a monthly ‘newsletter’ but thought that this might be a more engaging and interesting way to do it.

Our most exciting recent news is that Andrew has gotten a raise and promotion. He is truly in love with his job and is doing exactly what he does best. That his employers SEE that is fantastic. They’re hiring, if you’re interested!

Another great bit of news is that Andrew’s Visa has been extended for 10 years! The kids and I will be applying for our extensions very shortly, just waiting to get my new passport (in all of it’s shining glory).

The kids are great, Sebastian needs to get a filling this afternoon and is nervous about possibly needing a needle. We have a new dentist and so far we really like him.

Rigby has been busy with Rainbows and Minecraft, mostly. She carried the Rainbow’s banner again at church parade and has been told she will likely be the one to carry it at our local World Thinking Day celebrations next weekend.

I’ve been busy ‘behind the scenes’ working on blog stuff and home/life stuff. I haven’t MADE anything in a while and I am feeling restless and disappointed in myself. I hope next week is a smidge more productive.


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