Daily Gratitudes

daily gratitudes

When I was a new mom, I belonged to a small and tight-knit online community. They introduced the idea of ‘grats’ to me. A list of 10(ish) things you’re grateful for. a beautiful way to remind ourselves how lucky we are. I can not think of a better way to start a day!

  1. My health and the health of my friends and family and our pets.
  2. My partner’s job for pay, that puts food on the table and finances all kinds of fun.
  3. Our educational freedom – we are SO lucky to live each day as if it were summer vacation.
  4. Cheesy horror movies on Netflix – somehow I am most productive when watching cheesy and predictable gore.
  5. My incredibly brilliant children, I’m so lucky.
  6. Coffee – ALWAYS coffee! I’m on my last bag of 1/2 decent coffee and I am hoping I can stretch it out until next payday.
  7. Andrew getting his visa renewed quickly – each step along this process is a huge relief. I’m now waiting for my new 10-year passport, then the final step is to apply for our leave to remain renewal.
  8. Sunshine and crocuses – it is SPRING! (I think)
  9. Our small, bikable town.
  10. Post-it notes.

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