Sunday Sweets

Sunday Sweets

Fantastic! (1)

This week I am super sweet on my husband, Andrew. He is handsome and wonderful. He just got a bit of great news and treated me to a day and night in London.

It was unexpected and brilliant! So my Sweets this week are all from that little trip:

  • I visited the huge and wonderful Oxford Street Simply Be. I wanted o grab a cheap and cheerful outfit after finding out I would be spending the night in the city. In two unexpected twists, I discovered a comfortable pair of jeans that I am in love with. And I am not a jeans-person. I was trying on a bunch of bootcut jeans, but I found myself with a skinny pair that must have been mixed up on the rack. My first instinct was to toss them aside, but a quiet voice urged me to give them a shot. THEY ARE AWESOME. I hope they wash well, because they may become my 2015 go-to bottoms. I also left with a cute tee-shirt that says “I Can Make Things Happen” some high-waist leggings and some great knickers! Most of what I bought I had looked at online and decided against buying – so it was surprising to find myself loving it all when I tried it on. One of my biggest complaints about the Simply Be website, is that the models do not represent my body shape, so it is difficult to imagine how things will look.

(images via

I am such a lucky gal, and I come back to my life feeling inspired and refreshed. My last sweet to share is Premier Inns. I have stayed at two in London now, and Andrew has stayed in many more over the last couple of years. They are cheap, always comfortable and the staff is always incredible. I’m not sure how they do it, but 100% of their staff seem genuinely happy. I hope it is because they are treated well and paid fairly, and not because there is a guy in the back with a whip.


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