Sunday Sweets

Sunday Sweets

Fantastic! (1)

  1. Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pens Assorted Tips (Pack of 3 – Fine, Medium and Broad)
    image by me using canva

     I LOVE these pens so much. I messed around with them “properly” a bunch before filling each with a mixed watercolour wash in a different colour. 

  2. This great 101 on hand lettering by Megan Wells at Alisa Burke’s blog – I’ve already done the letter K 100 ways – it was a real challenge and an art I would like to keep digging into.

    2015-02-01 13.03.33
    image by me, just now
  3. This website that tells you what’s new on NetflixUK, as well as what will be removed! If you do Facebook, you can also follow and get notified of changes. Today I am thrilled to see that all 5 seasons of Community have been added. Gonna make myself a blanket fort and hunker down for a marathon!

    no idea where i got this – I’ve had it a while
  4. And the BEST thing I read all week has to be this post by Jes Baker talking about why the internet HATES fat people.

    image used without permission
    image via The Militant Baker

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