Friday Potluck

Friday Potluck

Friday Potluck

MMmmmmm Tasty Treats

This week we ate pretty well – I am back eating wheat after 3 years gluten-free as I get ready to be tested for coeliac disease (or not get tested, so far my reactions have been confusingly minimal – wish I knew what was going on). Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I’ve been enjoying the freedom of unrestricted eating.

The best thing we ate all week was Spanakopita – I took my husband’s advice and Googled “Mom’s Spanakopita Recipe” and found this recipe at Gourmet Greek Girl that was just perfect. They were great warm but they were truly amazing the next day.

2015-01-04 18.43.35

I also made these Mincemeat Muffins that I loved, but the kids weren’t keen on. I didn’t manage to photograph them, but I will if I make them again.

The rest of our food this week was incredibly pedestrian. Grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs and toast, cheap pizza, donair (noticing a trend?).


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