WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: making pom pom fairy lights

WIP WednesdayInspired by Pinterest and a pack of yarn from Lidl, I am fancifying my studio with grey and pink pom pom fairy lights.

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I moved into my new space the week before Christmas, and the fairy lights were a seasonally appropriate addition to the space. And, to be honest, if they were on white or silver wire, I would just leave them up as is. But they are on unmistakable tree-green wire. I’ve been mulling potential fixes since they went up and yesterday in Lidl I found a pack of grey and hot pink yarn (acrylic and wool blend) and it hit me! I grabbed the very reasonably priced pack (£2.99) and started making pom poms. Last year, I picked up these AMAZING pom pom makers – they make life SO easy (especially if you are used to using cardboard circles).

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So, today I have 35 pom poms and I’ve read 36% of Gone Girl – not bad. The next step is to tie these beautiful bits onto my fairy lights – I am hoping I have enough to make an impact and help camouflage the dark wires. If not, I will have to scrape together some pennies and hope the yarn hasn’t sold out – we live near more than one retirement community and cheap and lovely yarn doesn’t last long in shops!

What are you working on this week?


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