Sunday Sweets

Sunday Sweets 04.01.15

Fantastic! (1)

  1. Bad Hair Day Scarves – the awesome Rachele aka @radfatvegan has started a scarf shop and it is sheer perfection. 
  2. Wood Robot Washi Tape Holder – via shekphoebe on Etsy 
  3. The Anxiety I Face When Making New Friends – via Hello Giggles describes my feelings on making friends pretty precisely. 
  4. New Shows on NETFLIX!!! I am going to watch all of Pretty Little Liars, just as soon as I finish watching Stargate Universe (and spend a day crying in bed because it was cancelled way too soon!)
  5. ToucanBox – a monthly kid’s craft kit sent to your house for about £5. We’ve had two so far and we (well, my daughter, the craft maniac) love them. They come with everything you need except scissors. This month’s pack even came with a roll of tape! If you sign up using this refer a friend link you will get a free “Petite” box – which is what we get, and we will get 50% off our next box. 

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